Embroidery Digitizing

Any Chest/Hat Design Price 4.99$
The Best Service
The Highest Quality
The Lowest Price
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Expert Digitizing

We also know that the Embroidery Industry can be very demanding sometimes, and we pride ourselves with our lead time of only 24 hours and also rush delivery at no extra cost. We look forward to working with you.

Expert Vector Art Services

Vector-based graphics are easily scalable to any size. A vector-based image is made up of lines and mathematical statements which makes it easy to scale images up and down without losing quality.

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Design Services

Cap Digitizing

Cap embroidery is common type of embroidery, you can buy simple Caps and digitize as your company logo or event branding logo for marketing.

Chest Digitizing

Left chest digitizing logo is the professional way and the common use of companies, uniforms, shirts, branding, event management and use many other purposes.

Jacket Digitizing

We understand the different type of fabric in jacket so we carefully of Jacket Back Digitizing. If someone lost seen in front of so Jacket Back Digitizing helping them.

Embroidery Digitizing Services

The Best Service

• Quick Responsive Time • Efficiency, Friendly & Professional

The Highest Quality

• Best Quality Digitized • Unlimited Revisions

The Lowest Price

• Fair & Affordable price • $4.99 Flat Rate • Beat any price by up to 10%

The Fastest Turnaround

• 24 Hours Turnaround with No Rush Fees

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art Service

Digitizing Designer is a highly respected embroidery digitizing service and vector art service provider. Digitizing Designer started off as an in-house digitizing studio in the Year 2005, catering to the needs of the various sister business units. It has since then evolved into a fully-functional, standalone entity embroidery and vector art business that caters to the end of clients globally with sole focus on digitizing and best quality vector art that’s what we specialize in, and that is why our clients keep coming back to us! Our singular focus is on exceeding our client’s expectations on all fronts.


We know the exclusive aspects of every embroidery design and vector art. Our skilled digitizers convert your design into the digitized embroidery file format of your desired design. Because we do not scan or “auto-digitize,” we are able to able to achieve the highest level of quality and capture the unique features of your desired design.


digitizing designer company is a high quality embroidery and vector art center which owns experienced team and skilled technique which formed by our senior embroidery digitizer and talented artist and tremendous customer service stuffs. We are mainly engaged in embroidery digitizing and vectorizing to make your personality prominent in any kind of gathering.


You are providing to you every possible category of design hats logo; left chest logo, jacket back design, patches on various fabrics, textures, fashion apparel, etc.


High standards, high efficiency and high quality embroidery digitizing is our goal, which we achieve with our great effort. It is our aim to provide good service for all new and old customer as well.


The Best Direction to Digitized Embroidery and Vector Art Services in Few hoursThe successful embroidery digitizing companies should have a plan to continuously improve the skills and knowledge of their employees to give best embroidery digitizing and best quality vector services in few hours. The upgrade workshops or seminars could be done by experts in different fields. Such arrangements encourage the employees, because this will show that the company is giving importance to them, and surely which results to a reduced staff turnover. It will also lead you to give skilled employees which provide you quality work and will give higher profits.

Moreover even if we have excellent standard for quality embroidery digitizing, vector art and excellent customer service, but our prices are reasonable and affordable, our turnaround time is quick.